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LCY 79 by LCY Luxury Custom Yachts


A new age for yacht design begins ..., straight, sharp and ultra minimalistic.


Your yacht will be different and unique. You will be recognized from afar. The next logical step in the design of Explorer yachts to distinguish them from other superyachts. The design was developed for yachts from 20 to 35 m with all aspects such as large space, long distance travel and lower fuel consumption.

Type: Explorer Yacht

Length: 24,0 m​


Length WL: 23,5 m

Width: 6,5 m

Draft: 1,8 m

Cabins: 4 (5)

Guests: 8

Crew: 3

Engines: 2 (1.000-1.500 PS)

Cruising speed: 12kn (1.000 PS)

Max. Speed: 16kn (1.000 PS)

Opt.speed: 9kn (1.000 PS)

Fuel tank: 12.000 l

Material hull: steel

Construction: aluminum

Displacement: 100 t

24 m

16 k


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